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Danielle Grainger is a Southern USA based writer and published author of erotica and romance fiction novels. She also dabbles in mathematics from time to time with statistics her latest obsession.

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Under Her Wing

(Denton Heights Book One)

(The Shasti and Madison Story)

Madison Kim finds herself on a bus headed to Denton Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. Her mother sent her there without notice to care for an elderly Korean woman Madison had never met. Madison is twenty-two-and-three-quarters years old, has a high school diploma, but isn’t smart enough to go to college…so they tell her. Now she spends her time caring for Mrs. Park, going to the beloved Cincinnati Zoo, and watching movies on her outdated phone. She’s not really sure why she’s there, but she’s taking it day by day.


And then she meets strong nurturing Miss Shasti at a tea dance.


Shasti Balakrishnan has been looking for someone to call hers for more years than she cares to count. She wants a woman to love and care for in a nurturing Mommy Domme/little girl scenario. She’s thirty-two and already a partner in a thriving medical clinic in Denton Heights, but truth be told – she’s lonely. She thought she’d found a companion in Amber back in D.C., but that fizzled out once they realized they weren’t what each other wanted. Or needed.


And then she meets adorably precocious Madison at a tea dance.


ISBN: 978-1-953734-10-5 (e-Book)

ISBN: 978-1-953734-13-6 (Paperback)

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“Get to packing, kid,” Miss Shasti said. “You have ten minutes to pack everything you want at my house. I don’t want you to be alone tonight.”

“Okay.” Madison called after her, “Can I bring my sword?”

“Yes,” came the faint answer from the kitchen.

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