Danielle Grainger is a Southern USA based writer and published author of erotica and romance fiction novels. She also dabbles in mathematics from time to time with statistics her latest obsession.

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Desiring Bernadette

(Book Four in the Bernadette Series)

Rikki Carmichael finally feels that deep D/s relationship she has been craving since her Aunt Tilda introduced her to the life. She embraced her Dominant side early on but finding a suitable submissive woman who wanted more than a quick roll in the dungeon proved elusive. That is until Professor Bernadette Garneau arrived on the scene. Now collared and committed to Rikki, will Bernadette prove to be different, or will she turn out like all the others—fickle and full of lies and deception?

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“You're not naked." 

- Rikki to Bernadette