Danielle Grainger is a Southern USA based writer and published author of erotica and romance fiction novels. She also dabbles in poetry from time to time with Haiku her latest obsession.

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(S)mothering Bernadette

(Book Two in the Bernadette Series)

Dr. Bernadette Garneau’s universe is pushing her toward change. Her initial experiences with BDSM and Power Exchange have led to cravings that she doesn’t quite understand. A brief sexual exchange with an online Goddess unleashes an incredible pain to pleasure connection that she hadn’t understood until that encounter. But after sleeping on it, she clearly understands that this Goddess was never going to be the long-term relationship she was seeking. Disappointed, she wonders if she should just give up and move back to California to be closer to her family. That is until she meets Mama_Luvs, an online Mommy Domme. The woman is nurturing yet stern from the start and is just … perfect. And then Mama_Luvs wants to meet. Starry-eyed Bernadette packs for a New Year’s Eve weekend hoping that this time she’s found the one - the one who wants to love and nurture her but who also wants to drape her over a couch and have her way with her.

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“Oh, yes, baby girl. Yes, yes, yes.”

- Mama_Luvs to Bernadette