Danielle Grainger is a Southern USA based writer and published author of erotica and romance fiction novels. She also dabbles in poetry from time to time with Haiku her latest obsession.

Latest Release

Wrecking Bernadette

(Book One in the Bernadette Series)

r. Bernadette Garneau holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and is four months out of a four-year relationship. And even though Bernadette owns the house, for some reason she let her ex live there while she moved into a third-floor walk-up apartment. And to top it all off, money has become tight since Jen is late on the rent. Again. If Bernadette could only find her voice and stand up for herself, she might find the peace she longs for.

One good thing about breaking up, though, is that Bernadette is free to explore her repressed sexual desires...

In this REVISED EDITION the cover has been updated and some light editing has been done.

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"Good girl."

- Mistress Ciara to Bernadette


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