The stories about Bernadette, fresh out of a four-year relationship, came to me over time as a parallel to my own life journey. Although Bernadette's trials & tribulations, as well as her wins & successes, are hers alone,  her epiphanies belong to both of us. I hope you enjoy reading the series as much as I enjoyed telling her story. - Dani 1/9/2020

Books in the Bernadette Series

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Wrecking Bernadette
(Book One in the Bernadette Series)

eBook ISBN 978-1-953734-00-6


Dr. Bernadette Garneau holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and is four months out of a four-year relationship. And even though Bernadette owns the house, for some reason she let her ex live there while she moved into a third-floor walk-up apartment. To top it all off, money has become tight since Jen is late on the rent. Again. If Bernadette could only find her voice and stand up for herself, she might find the peace she longs for.

One good thing about breaking up, though, is that Bernadette is free to explore her repressed sexual desires. Once she gets over her shyness about buying sex toys online, the buying begins. Then Bernadette discovers porn. She is embarrassed by the fact that she has a favorite porn star now. One of the videos she watches leads her to another about Dommes and submissives. Curious about what the words mean, Bernadette searches the internet and, with raised eyebrows, finds an intriguing website about kinks and fetishes. One made-up email address later and she is setting up a profile and perusing the kinks and fetishes of strangers from all around the world.

It only takes one message from a beautiful and powerful online Mistress and Bernadette is sucked into the world of BDSM. Mistress Ciara takes charge immediately and Bernadette is swept up in the heady power this stranger has over her. She wants more.

It isn’t until they meet in real life that Bernadette realizes that BDSM is not about getting tied up and whipped by some sex-crazed sadist without your permission. No, it is about consensual power exchange. It is all about trust and being able to let yourself go; something Bernadette hasn’t done since, well, ever.

Bernadette still can’t quite understand the hold Mistress Ciara has over her, but she likes it. A lot. She needs to find a way to keep Mistress Ciara in her life, but being such a newbie in the BDSM world, Bernadette fears she is not enough to hold such a powerful Mistress. She has gotten a taste of the life and she wants more. She. Needs. More.

This REVISED edition has an updated cover and some light editing done.

(S)mothering Bernadette
(Book Two in the Bernadette Series)

eBook ISBN: 978-1-953734-01-3


Dr. Bernadette Garneau’s universe is pushing her toward change. Her initial experiences with BDSM and Power Exchange have led to cravings that she doesn’t quite understand. A brief sexual exchange with an online Goddess unleashes an incredible pain to pleasure connection that she hadn’t understood until that encounter. But after sleeping on it, she clearly understands that this Goddess was never going to be the long-term relationship she was seeking. Disappointed, she wonders if she should just give up and move back to California to be closer to her family. That is until she meets Mama_Luvs, an online Mommy Domme. The woman is nurturing yet stern from the start and is just … perfect. And then Mama_Luvs wants to meet. Starry-eyed Bernadette packs for a New Year’s Eve weekend hoping that this time she’s found the one - the one who wants to love and nurture her but who also wants to drape her over a couch and have her way with her.

Becoming Bernadette
(Book Three in the Bernadette Series)

eBook ISBN: Coming Soon


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